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Virtual Medical Scribe

At AIE Medical Management we provide real-time medical scribing services to physicians and professional practitioners through technology and innovation. Our team of professional scribes process information in the background with accurate clerical and administrative inputting. All this takes place real-time as you interact with your patient. Now, you can treat or diagnose your patient without ever worrying about after-work administrative tasks.

Get Easy access from any device

With our HIPAA compliant application that runs smoothly on any device, you now get easily access our virtual scribing services made up of our team of highly-qualified and reliable staff. With AIE Medical Management, you no longer have to waste long hours typing down notes but instead, spend more time treating your patients!

Accuracy and efficiency

We have certified scribes for every medical specialty and ͞subspecialty͟ with the appropriate training to take on your scribing needs. We guarantee a worry-free experience with our industry standards in providing quality on compliance and coding processing. With AIE Medical Management, your Patient charts will be directly integrated into your EHR, so you no longer have to sit down and do the hefty job of transferring it!

Give priority back
to healthcare

At AIE Medical Management, we use the latest in innovation and technology to make healthcare more operational and effective. Our Virtual Medical Scribe service optimizes your day to day operations and workflow by reassigning critical tasks such as administrative work for EMR management, and accurately pulling up correct patient records like lab results and historical records.

EMR management and patient treatment planning

Our professional virtual scribes will ensure that your EMR is well organized and information recorded on the system is accurate up to the dot. We understand how frustrating and critical an error could be to your practice which is why we put a heavy emphasis on the quality of service our virtual scribes perform. Now, you can carefully and plan your patient’s treatments and pull up records and references with ease.

We’ll adjust to your Workflow

We understand how disruptive clerical and administrative work is for doctors and professional practitioners, which is why we take care of the tedious tasks so that you can work without the pressure! With a Virtual Medical Scribe by your side, you can comfortably follow your own pace and leave the hard work to us!

Focus on what matters most, your patients.

Have you ever come to the point of thinking that you wasted all those years studying medicine just to be disappointed in all the paperwork and clerical stuff you have to endure right to this point? We at AIE Medical Management value every doctor and practitioner’s passion for medicine and the art of healing and want you to get that sense of fulfillment back! Say goodbye to all those long nights of documenting and reading back notes just to complete EMRs, and say hello to a renewed practice!

More free time for yourself

Taking the paperwork away from your hands, you get to spend more time for yourself and leave your office earlier than what you’re used too! You can now spend more time with your family, friends, go hiking, or even get on that vacation you longed for! Your practice is in good hands with AIE Medical Management scribes.


Our Virtual Scribes are certified
and trained for your clinic
from Day 1.

We work with any specialty
and over 100 EHRs.

Our scribes work from a secure,
HIPAA-compliant office.

No start-up fees for a trial

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