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AIE offers professional IME transcription services, as well as medical summarization for legal purposes. For any legal expert, our medical summary service eliminates the steps in the time-consuming process of retrieving and reviewing medical documents. We have the ideal facility and specialists to do medical record summarizing with precision and speed. Narrative Summarization - A brief summary of key information from medical records, together with a synopsis of relevant data. Comprehensive Summarization - A detailed description of key material such as torts and personal injuries, as well as a deep review of medical records with a detailed summary of pertinent information. Annotated Index summation - A summary of medical records with a few words describing what they pertain to, as well as the date of service and document ID for legal experts who just want the data categorized and indexed for simple reference and access. Medical Records in Chronological Order with Timelines - Listing medical records in chronological order with timelines. Organization of Medical Data – Reorganization of all received medical records in chronological order, patient-by-patient, specialty-by-specialty, and date-of-service-by-date-of-service

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