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Managed Care Contracting & Healthcare Contracting

We offer a complete managed care contracting service solution for provider organizations with over 25 years of experience. This includes third payor contracting, contract analysis, credentialing, claims management and provider marketing needs. This is an affordable and highly effective alternative to performing these services in house and allows the providers the opportunity to focus on other important aspects of running a high-quality practice.

Our goal is to help medical providers increase their revenue.

We offer Managed Care Contracting and Healthcare Contracting Services, providing strategic advice and content expertise within the healthcare industry.

Services we offer:

  • Reviewing Existing Managed Care Contracts
  • Evaluating the Managed Care Market in your Specialty and Service Area
  • Managed Care Contracting
    • New contracts
    • Re-negotiation of Existing Contracts

Provides evaluation and assessment of the managed care payors, opportunities for contract improvement and an overview of process improvements with Provider Enrollment/Credentialing and process for handling managed care issues related to revenue cycle.


  • Reviewing Existing Managed Care Contracts
  • Contacting Managed Care Payors
  • Evaluating the Managed Care Market in your Specialty and Service Area
  • Review of internal process for: Provider Enrollment/Credentialing and denials
  • Assessment of opportunities and recommendations for Managed Care Strategy
  • Provide a Customized Analytical Tool to Evaluate Third Party Fee Schedules
  • Provide the Necessary Training to Your Staff – giving you and your staff the knowledge to manage your Managed Care Payors, issues, underpayments, denials, and mitigate day to day hurdles.
  • Create Internal Processes to Report and Manage Payor Issues
  • Provide Ongoing Support for Third Party Payors
  • Provider Enrollment/Credentialing
    • Review
    • Education and Training
    • Service
  • Healthcare Marketing Services with Third Party Payors
  • Healthcare Consulting Packages created to meet your needs.

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